First Triumph – A Leher user wins British High Commissioner of the day contest

We have believed in the power of sharing your thoughts. Thoughts become things, things become your destiny. We are absolutely delighted to have helped a high schooler win ‘British High Commissioner for a day’ contest. Ayesha had to share here thoughts about Women & Equality to participate in the competition, here is what she had […]

Camera shy? Get started with sharing your thoughts on Video.

Listening is faster than reading, Viewing is faster than listening. The most engaging and easy to create medium is Video. For long we have stayed away from using video for more than just entertainment. Video is now becoming a mainstream medium for communication(Video Calls) and will soon become a mainstream method of sharing your thoughts […]

‘ShortCast’ – Short Video Podcast

We believe Video as a medium could prove to be very useful in communicating short useful information or experiences. In recent times, the podcast is increasingly becoming a medium of consumption for information and stories of peoples lives/experiences. We are introducing this new terminology to differentiate the kind of videos that can be made on […]

What is the purpose of sharing our thoughts & having discussions?

We have multiple reasons for sharing our thoughts, the most important thing is that we all have an inherent need to share. Sometimes: To bring upon an intellectual atmosphere where people debate and discuss their ideas leading to a greater spread of different ideas, views, and opinions It makes us more aware and forces us […]

Why Leher should be your platform as an intellectual or a doer to share your views?

Leher is one of its kind platform where people are understood by the kind of their thoughts and opinions. It is a great platform to reflect on your life’s experiences, share it for the greater good or ponder on some hard questions that you would have otherwise never thought about. Leher provides you a community […]