‘ShortCast’ – Short Video Podcast

We believe Video as a medium could prove to be very useful in communicating short useful information or experiences.

In recent times, the podcast is increasingly becoming a medium of consumption for information and stories of peoples lives/experiences.

We are introducing this new terminology to differentiate the kind of videos that can be made on Leher. We call these videos ‘ShortCast’.

What is ShortCast?

ShortCast is a Short Selfie Video on a particular topic shorter than 3 minutes, built with multiple clips or a single clip.

Its a self contained video with topic/context provided along with an explanation of the same and when consumed provides the viewer with a complete understanding of the topic in question.

The objective of ShortCast is to share your feeling, knowledge or experience in a relatable, informative or entertaining way by being authentic and real about it on a selfie video.

You can download and post this ShortCast Video on any of your existing platforms or you can choose to share the link to the video which your viewers would be able to watch on

Do share your inputs on how we can make your ShortCasts wonderful & valuable for you.

So go ahead, download and try creating a ShortCast.

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