In 2022, a term that should definitely be a part of your vocabulary is creator economy. 2021 saw an incredible surge in the number of ‘creators’ around the world. 

In fact, a study by Forbes also found that kids in the U.S. were 3 times more likely to want to become YouTubers as compared to athletes, astronauts, or musicians. A study by SignalFire also found that soon almost 50 million people will consider themselves to be content creators. 

Now that you’ve heard all these facts about it, you must be wondering what the creator economy is, and why is it growing? If you’ve heard of the term and want to know more about its growth, then this post is for you.

What is the Creator Economy?

The creator economy refers to independent businesses and side hustles launched by creators who make money off of their knowledge, skills, or following. It includes the tools that such creators use. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it one of the worst humanitarian crises that the world has seen. The resulting unemployment forced individuals to think of alternative and creative ways of earning. 

While being bound to their homes, people discovered that they could monetize their hobbies and interests. All they needed were their electronic devices and a proper internet connection. This led to the new era of the “creator economy.” 

Up until 2020, creators were mostly earning through product placements and paid ads. However, 2021 saw exponential growth in the creator economy.

4 Reasons Behind the Creator Economy Growth

1. Creator tools are accessible

Previously only a few popular platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok were the primary platforms for distribution for creators. However, now,  there are many diverse platforms available for the same. 

Creator tools are essentially how a creator monetizes their skills and audience. Most of the new diversified and localized distribution platforms are open and accessible.

2. Opportunity to earn

How much a content creator can earn depends on their following, niche, industry, and other factors such as engagement rates. However, content creation allows people to generate income through their hobbies while also working on their day jobs.

Most social media platforms have also released features that help content creators earn more money and diversify their revenue streams. There are multiple directories such as Side Hustle Stash and Heywith, which provide a compiled list of creator tools that help monetize a creator’s audience.

3. Creators have picked up their game

Content creators have mastered their art, reaching the most specialized groups, discovering new methods to be approachable, and defining current and future trends once they have built an audience.

Content creators spend a substantial amount of time on social media researching the language, humor, and overall culture of their target viewers. In addition to their own followers, content producers can collaborate with other content creators expanding their reach and widening their audiences.

4. You can grow with the creator economy

Once a creator has gathered a strong following in a specific niche or field, new chances emerge in the form of brand partnerships, company collaborations, and even the prospect of creating their own enterprises. 

Companies recognize the advertising potential that these content creators possess as a result of their followers’ willingness to support their activities. Many content creators establish their own product lines, advertising their own services, businesses, and social media, resulting in better revenue diversification and overall prospects.

There is always space to grow and expand your businesses in the creator economy, which attracts more and more people towards it. 

Join the creator economy!

Now that you know what the creator economy is, and the reasons behind the creator economy growth, join the creator economy by monetizing your own skills and audience while building your community!

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