Have you ever joined a Club on Leher and waited for days to be accepted into the club or have been declined entry into the Club? 

If this is something you have experienced – this blog is for you! 

Clubs on Leher are built for exclusive communities to come together and very often, Club Admins want to ensure that their Club has people who are genuinely interested in that Club’s genre. 

So to make sure you create a good impression to get accepted into various clubs, you need to make sure you set your profile up the right way!

Setting up a profile

These steps will help you build your Leher profile the right way.

1. Show Your Face

Showcasing a face on your display picture is very important. It adds credibility to your presence. Instead of going with celebrities, nature, or animals, which justify what you love, try and make your profile picture an image of you.

2. Smile Wide!

This aspect brings in a smile on the face of people looking at the profile. It’s positivity and cheerfulness that build connections faster than a grim face, make sure you smile wide and spread the cheerfulness across your face.

3. Position Your Profile Picture Properly

We all love different angle pictures of ourselves, don’t we? Make sure your profile is front-angle and is nearer to the viewer. It helps people to see your profile suitably and connect immediately. You wouldn’t love to connect with a person with a profile image that mainly shows the background rather than a face.

4. Write Your Bio

Write a bio that describes you and your interests. Here are 2 examples:

Bad Bio

Hi MY N@me izz J@ne. Cut cake onnn 24 Nov 1995. I like to talk to ppl.

Good Bio

A student pursuing a career in Environmental Eng. Currently the Founder and President of the student drama club in college. 

Excited to join performing arts communities and meet lots of new people who are into art, dance, and theatre.

Let’s get started!

Now that you know how to set up a great bio – it’s time to start joining new clubs!

You can join various clubs based on what you like as well as start clubs of your own and build your own community with Leher

Check out 4 simple steps to build an online community to get you started.