What are Rooms on Leher?

Rooms are a one-stop place for virtual discussions, with features to help you connect and interact with your community.

The app has both audio and video features to encourage meaningful discussions with your community online. To attract more members and connect with them, we need to set up a room properly. To communicate best with your club members and other users, you have to make sure you set up a great room. 

Leher has a spectrum of Clubs that have various communities to help people connect with each other in real-time. 

The platform allows people to meet and interact with others via live Audio/Video – which makes it more engaging and personal.

Setting up a great room

Decide the topic for the room.

People love to converse about the topic they are aware of in general.Ensure the topic of the room aligns as much as possible with what your club is all about. If you are building a club for say a spiritual community but have rooms about cricket – your club members will be disappointed as they joined your club expecting something spiritual. 

Schedule your room.

Scheduling your room before the decided date is a great step to set up your room, this makes it easier for people to see the schedule and plan their time in advance to join your club. Another major benefit is they can hit the bell icon and set a reminder for your room well in advance. 

Choose a Subtle and Understandable Title.

It’s important you pick an appropriate title for your room that outlines what kind of conversation will be going on in that room .

For example, if you are going to talk about a RCB vs CSK match – don’t write something like Cricket conversations, instead use a title like: RCB vs CSK game plan discussion 

Invite speakers to the room.

Inviting speakers to your room gives a sense of credibility to the topic and makes the room discussion a two-way communication rather than one-way.

Market your room.

Marketing your room on various social media platforms so more people know about your conversation and when it’s happening. You can share the link on your social media platform so they can tune into your room. 

These simple steps will help you to set up a great room where you can have great engagement with your club members and the rest of the Leher Community.