The last 2 years have completely changed the way people interact and communicate. Being forced to stay at home has forced people to find new ways of staying in touch. One such way of interacting with others is through online communities.

There has been a rise in online communities following the pandemic. More and more people are joining these online forums, but why?

While everyone has their own story and reason for joining, they all share one thing – the need for belongingness. Being a part of a community is important to all human beings and almost an innate need, be it online or offline.

The unprecedented global pandemic has forced people to stay indoors more than usual and inevitably reduced how much we can interact with each other in person. Thus pushing people to interact online, the only means available at the moment.

However, the pandemic is not the only reason why, here are 5 reasons people are joining online communities.

Why are people joining online communities?

1. One can converse with like-minded people

An online community is a great means of finding people with similar interests and engaging in conversations regarding topics that you find interesting. 

Various social media and networking sites have features that make it easier to connect with like-minded people and become a part of active discussions.

2. People can share and receive feedback

Once you find a community of people with similar interests, you can freely share your opinions about the shared areas of interest with the other members. In return, you can also receive feedback on your opinions and work, giving you the opportunity to learn and improve.

3. Opportunity to learn new things and improve

When you meet other people, you also broaden your understanding of the world. Being a part of a community exposes you to a diverse range of opinions and perspectives, thus giving you a chance to keep learning and improving.

Through networking and meeting new people, you can even learn interesting tips and tricks!

4. You build a social support system

The relationships you build online are just as important and beneficial as the ones you maintain offline. Online communities are not bound by time zones and borders, and there is almost always someone available to assist you and answer your questions.

The age of social media has brought people from around the world closer. By joining an online community, you are also building a 24/7 support system for yourself. You can also build and grow your own community if you can’t find one to be a part of!

5. Most online forums are open access and free

Almost all the social media platforms that host online communities are open access and free. In order to get started, all you will require is a device, an internet connection, and an e-mail address to sign up with.

Let’s get started!

Now that you know why online forums are on the rise and why people are joining online communities, you can also get started. You can either find communities of your interest or build your own community if you can’t find one! 

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