People value a community the most when they connect, engage, and feel encouraged to share, and Leher makes it easy for people to leverage the platform for their benefit.

Leher is a social media platform where you can host live discussions, become part of communities based on your interests as well as earn through the unique Leher coin system. 

Communities that thrive on user-contributed content are proven to be the most successful. Leher strives to establish a user-contributed content platform where users can connect with people through live discussions.

Here are 5 reasons you should build your online community on Leher.

1. Quick Start

Leher is an easy-to-use social media application. You can start your community on Leher with five quick steps. The communities on Leher are called Clubs. 

This platform can be used to connect with like-minded individuals, broadcast messages to club members, and collaborate to expand your community. You can also create an invite-only community for a particular set of individuals.

2. Live Discussions

Leher allows you to have live interactive conversations with high-quality audio and video, which can be recorded as you stream live and then posted anywhere you like.

The idea is to democratize discussions virtually. You can form a community and hold discussions with the community or club members.

3. Engagement Tools

On any social media platform, it’s important to engage with your community. On Leher, you can engage with your community and other users in real-time. The first step to start engaging your club members is to host rooms every week (we recommend at least 2 per week).

The next step is to directly communicate with the people who join your room and become someone who actively participates in clubs. Here are 7 Ways To Engage With Your Leher Community?

4. Leher Coins

At Leher, we want to empower creators who are passionate about having conversations, building amazing communities, and engaging with various Leher community members. Leher coins are a virtual currency that you can earn on the Leher app.

This virtual currency was launched to help empower and reward the creators passionate about becoming leaders of various communities. Did you know there are four easy steps to earn Leher Coins?

5. Grow With Leher | Creator Program

Social media has allowed people to express themselves, connect with like-minded people, and help people share a part of their life and passions. The Creator Program is a stepping stone for creators who want to cultivate their community in the right way with the support of the Leher Team.

The program aims to empower young content creators to have meaningful, interesting, and engaging conversations surrounding all topics under the sun. Here are five reasons to join the Leher Creator Program.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand that there is great value in building an online community. As the creator of the community, you will get to meet new people, empower people, build a great personal and professional network and also earn through the community.