Made In India App

Leher is one of India’s first live video streaming platforms. All the data gets stored in servers located in India, and we share no identifiable data with any third parties. All the information that you give us while logging in, it is completely secured.

Seamless streaming

Leher has inbuilt intelligence that tracks your internet speed and switches off the video as soon as it detects weak internet. If you are watching a discussion on a slow network, it’ll automatically switch to the audio mode so that you don’t miss anything. If you’re the host or speaker, and suddenly connectivity goes down, you’ll be able to continue on audio seamlessly. Both speakers and listeners have been raving about this feature ever since the app introduced live discussions.

Segregation between questions and comments

There are two kinds of listeners in every podcast/discussion: the ones that want to contribute and the ones that want to ask questions. Leher segregates questions and comments so that hosts and speakers can address those separately. The host also has the option to highlight questions addressed by the speaker. This feature helps users joining a session in the middle to comprehend the conversation.

Interest-first platform

In all the other social media platforms, you have to build a following to get viewers. At Leher, even if you’re a new user, you’ll get viewers that have shown interest in the topic you’re covering. Leher sends notifications to its users not just based on the people they’re following but also based on their interests.

An audience that wants a deep-dive into topics

Leher is a platform built for meaningful detailed conversations. The audience on the platform expects the speakers to take deep-dive into the topic that they’re covering in every single session. The audience that you’ll find here is very different from the one at the conventional 15-second video platforms that has a short attention span.