In the hypercompetitive world of content creation, the next frontier is the ability to unlock the knowledge and experience of people.

The best way to impart knowledge and broaden the horizon of perspective is to talk to someone who has been through it. 

Currently most content creators are adapting to video making. Video making is tough because it requires you to think about the narration, structure of the video, record, do edits, do sound, add animations/graphics and then publish. A good video would take you anywhere between a week to 4 weeks to make. 

In videos where you are only talking about a topic,it gets monotonous and requires visual aids to keep the viewers engaged.

The easier and better way of making videos that people would love to watch and join in is talk shows.

Some of the most famous global celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Joe Rogan, and Karan Johar are hosts of their own show. 

Podcasts are currently a rage and have grown over 400% post COVID. People want to connect, find a sense of belonging and having a show is a great way to build that. 

You should start a talk show right away if,

  1. You’re a conversationalist. Having discourses about things that matter keeps you going.
  2. You’re inquisitive and want to constantly gain new perspectives.
  3. You’re looking to build relationships through conversations.
  4. You want to give the audience access to otherwise inaccessible guests.
  5. You want to build a brand for yourself as an able conversationalist who is able to bring important things to fore by talking about them.
  6. You eventually want to monetize this skill of yours which otherwise has just been a hobby.

Still not convinced? Join Leher and give it a shot. Better to try something before arriving at the conclusion that you can’t do it, or it’s too much work.