On any social media platform, it’s important to engage with your community. 

On Leher, you can engage in real time with your community and other users. The first step to start engaging with your club members is to host rooms every week (we recommend at least 2 per week).

The next step is to directly communicate with the people who join your room or be someone who actively participates in clubs!

Engagement in Rooms

Becoming a Speaker 

If the club rooms interest you and you want to share your experience/knowledge about the topic scheduled for the room you can request to become a speaker.  If you are a club owner, you can invite various people to your room to have conversations. 

Messages in chat box in rooms 

In every room there is a chatbox for you to interact with the speaker or for the speaker to interact with the audience/listeners. Use the chat box for asking questions, expressing your thoughts and supporting each other within the room. 


Rooms have a Poll feature that allows people who have tuned in to react to a poll questionnaire, you ask a question with two choices and ask the audience to react to the poll.

Use emojis

If you’re shy to put yourself out there and don’t really want to comment in the chat box you can interact via the emoji’s available during the discussion. You can show your support for the speaker or host by sending them different reactions. 


As a Club admin you can update your club members and broadcast messages and updates to your community. The thumb rule here is to make sure you don’t end up spamming your club members and using this feature to send out important messages and highlights. 

Send Direct messages

If you find yourself in a room with very interesting people or find someone who you can network or collaborate with – you can send them a direct message to connect with them. 

Follow Speakers and Listeners

Before the room ends, follow speakers and listeners that interest you, by doing this you will be notified whenever they start a room or start a conversation.

Now that you know how to get actively involved with the Leher community – time to start being a part of our community!