Introducing Leher Clubs

What is a Leher Club?

Leher started with the mission to democratize discussions and Clubs is our next step towards that goal.
We built Clubs to empower individuals to form new connections and grow their network.

A Leher Club is an exclusive space for people to belong and network over conversations.

You can participate or listen to LIVE discussions on video/audio.
Join and start clubs around your interests, your favourite football club or a community of professionals like you.

A Club is a private invite only group on Leher.

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Who is a Club Owner?
Who should create a Leher Club?

Community enthusiasts who want to build a special hangout place for their members to have regular conversations. Communities who have meetup needs, regular conversations to help each other, networking needs and stronger bonding among members.
  • Club owners are individuals who start and own a Club on Leher from the ground up. They are responsible for the growth, engagement and management of these clubs.  (Also referred to as Admin or Moderator)
  • Club owners guide the conversations and activities of their respective clubs through Club rules, active participation and moderation.
  • Club Owners have the right to remove members from their clubs. (Moderators will have similar roles in the future)

Responsibilities of a Club Owner – Just ONE – do what’s best for your community 🙂


Request an Invite

New Clubs can be created by invitation only for now, please submit your request and someone from our team will reach out to you with next steps.

Things to know before creating a Club

Respect Everyone

Leher Clubs are open and free spaces for meaningful conversations and networking. It is a collective responsibility of Club Owners and Members to ensure that Leher Clubs remains a safe and respectful place for people from all walks of life irrespective of their gender, caste, ethnicity, orientation, political views or beliefs.


Club Owners on Leher assume the responsibility of ensuring appropriate community behaviour, respecting the law and culture.

Private Space

  • Club conversations are never recorded.
  • Only the club creator or existing member can invite others to the club.
  • Only members can see other members of the club.

Launching your Club

The basics

  • Your club needs a Name, Picture and a purpose (short description).
  • Have a list of at least the first 5-10 members of your club
  • Member Lists are visible to members only.
  • Upcoming Topics – Schedule conversation topics in advance.
  • Your club has a single “room” right now and has an ongoing chat overlaid on the speakers/members talking.

Inviting Members

  • Leher Clubs have an easy to use Invite link that can be shared with anyone you want to invite. 
  • Tap on the Share icon in the top right corner of your Club screen to get the share link.
  • Remember, people who are not on Leher will need to install the app and create a profile to join your club.

Request an Invite

New Clubs can be created by invitation only for now, please submit your request and someone from our team will reach out to you with next steps.

Growing your Club

Club Growth Checklist


Social Media

Start with promoting the Club’s invite link on all your social media accounts

First 15

Create a list of first 15 members you would like to invite and encourage them to invite more members to your club

Frequent Engagement

It is very important to keep your early members engaged frequently with regular conversations in the club

Encourage Referrals

Encourage your members to invite their friends to the club, maintaining a good referral flow ensures that your club will always have a few people who already know each other.

Welcoming New Members

Setup a Welcome session to introduce new members to the club & rules.
We recommend doing Welcome sessions once or twice every week to welcome the new members.

Invite Influencers and Experts

When a prominent personality or influencer joins your club, consider hosting a standalone club conversation to announce their joining.

Engaging your Club

Engagement Essentials

Your club’s success depends on how engaged it is on a regular basis. Leher Clubs are built for conversations and here are a few things to keep in mind –

Keep your Club conversations open and interactive, invite members to join as speakers and talk.

If you’re planning a guest discussion, interview or AMA, we recommend doing it in a Leher discussion outside the club so a larger audience can watch/participate in the discussion.

Empower members to start conversations on their own. Member-initiated conversations will help you break monotony and encourage networking.

Regular Activities

Setup welcome sessions to introduce new members to the club & rules.

Setup topic of interest - Hot weekly topic or a deep dive on the subject related to group interest

Setup a topic for next conversation, as you finish the previous one

Encourage members to invite their friends or get recommendations for certain topics/expertise

Appreciate members who have invited/referred new members in the club in weekly conversation

Choose members from the existing club to lead certain topics for conversations. Try to involve multiple members per session, encourage them to setup the topic

Get members to complete their profile bios, a mention for your club could be a great value add.

Request an Invite

New Clubs can be created by invitation only for now, please submit your request and someone from our team will reach out to you with next steps.