Top 3 questions to answer on Valentine’s Day

Why is Valentine’s Day a special day for love?
Valentine’s Day is actually named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century. Valentine is said to have married a lot of Roman Christian soldiers who were prohibited from doing so. He is known for also curing a blind girl while locked in prison. Before his execution, he left her a love letter signed ‘from your Valentine’. He was executed on February 14, year 270.
Over the centuries, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in most countries, with different cultures adding their own traditional flavours to this festival.
In some parts of the world Valentine’s Day is observed as a day for expressing love between family members and friends, rather than that of romantic couples. However, this day is most commonly associated with romantic love, with many sending Valentine’s Day cards to their lovers.

Why do some people fear love?

  • Fear of the unknown
    Anything new could be scary, especially if that involves starting to know another person and being in love. Change can be scary. The uncertainty of the hundreds of things running through one’s mind can be scary. All this may make one very skeptical and lead to fear of falling in love.
  • New love reminds us of past hurts
    It is natural for one to feel scared of being hurt in a new relationship. Old memories and experiences which are buried under one’s skin can creep up in moments if triggered by a similar experience.
  • Challenging old self-identity
    Many people feel they are ‘unlovable’ and will repel another person. The ‘critical inner voice’ overpowers the usual optimist self. This voice could tell us we’re worthless and undeserving of any love.

What’s the best part about Valentine’s Day?

  • It’s aaaall about love!
    And we could all use some more love! With all the hatred and jealousy that creeps in in our lives from time to time, the best thing that could happen to you is L.O.V.E. And hey! Love could be with or towards anything you want! You could have your own version of love and go out and celebrate!
  • Who doesn’t like chocolates now?
    This is the time to relish different types of chocolate which come out specially for V-Day! Why would you say ‘no’ to chocolate?
  • PDA is never too much today
    Today is not the day to be shy! Everywhere you go, you’re going to find couples deeply in love trying to tell the world they love each other! If you’re not the kind who likes PDA because ehhh…awkward, then today’s YOUR day to come out of your closet (and we could mean this in every way, sshhh!)

There is no calm in this chaos

2020 did start with a bang. A bang of pellets and bullets, missiles and fire.
In light of recent events, most of which are political, I will not deny that the world, and not just the country feels a little too chaotic. More and more effort to manage the confusion is only leading to further disorder. The innumerable lives that have been lost in the country and worldwide are sickening.

The CAA/NRC news uprooted the entire nation. The public believed CAA shed light on our government’s trajectory and ulterior motives. As people were trying to come to terms with this news, attacks in the JNU campus became more ugly, hurting and destroying more in the process.
On another end of the world, half a billion animals have fallen prey to the merciless fire that broke out in Australia last September.
But the icing on the cake has definitely been the enmity that has broken out between Iran and the USA as they enter into an unprecedented war zone.
All this might lead us to think if our leaders were always working towards selfish, singular agendas. After all, we don’t know what goes on behind the four walls of their ruling office spaces. Do we even wish to know if this is the outcome we see? Do you feel helpless about living in a country which goes against its own ideologies, its own people, its very own constitution?

The first week of 2020 has seen topics related to such heartrending news in abundance, with people trying to understand what others think and feel about the situation. Questions have come flooding in, doubting the government and authenticity of everyone on the news, which have been met with equal if not more, amount of retaliation. 2020 did start with a bang. A bang of pellets and bullets, missiles and fire. Only hope lives on each person’s heart, a hope for a better and peaceful future where man does not turn against man to lead to mass destruction.


New Year 2020!

2019 witnessed significant change and growth for Leher and it was all possible because of YOU!

Leher began with a simple idea of bringing people together to connect, educate and inspire! With creators publishing content on diverse and ground-breaking topics, we became the space for people to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

At Leher, 2019 saw the coming together of various new aspects. Starting the year with the Leher Dark Mode, we transitioned into upgrading our features such as direct messaging, video reactions, video replies, Ask Me Anything etc.

To make the last few days of 2019 even more special, we created a special collection “Best of Leher 2019” just for you.

We hope this new year allows you to take the risks you couldn’t take in 2019!
And to gain some more perspective and learning, you can always count on Leher.

Happy New Year 🙂


Announcing Video AMAs on Leher App

In our constant endeavour towards making Leher a place for meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing, we are working towards bringing together some of the greatest minds from the professional and digital content creator community.

We are very excited to launch Leher AMAs, to help you learn from influencers, professionals and leaders who have created a mark in various industries!
AMA is an abbreviation for “Ask me anything”.

In the coming months, you will be able to ask direct questions to these thought leaders, influencers and achievers from every craft possible.

Conventionally, AMAs have been conducted during Live Events, Podcasts and Meetups where the speaker takes questions for a set duration and answers as many questions as possible.

Our First Guest on Leher AMAs

Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal, a thought leader in behavioral design and consumer psychology.

He is known for his WSJ bestselling book,
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

Nir has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Design School. He has sold two technology companies since 2003 and now helps teams design more engaging products.

Win a copy of “Indistractable”

The best questions selected by Nir will win a copy of his latest book –

Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life
Start your journey towards regaining control of your attention and your life.

Visit the Leher AMA Page for more details.
Follow @nir.eyal on Leher App

How can I participate?

If you’re an existing member on Leher App, just visit the influencer’s profile, you will see the “Ask a Question” button after you follow them.

If you’re not on Leher yet,

  1. Download the app on iOS or Android
  2. Signup and complete your profile
  3. Visit the influencer profile via link or search
  4. Follow them, and you’re ready to start asking questions!

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The democratization of News & Analysis

News & Analysis

As the trust in media houses decreases and as the smartphone-Internet connectivity increase, we will see a revolution in the way news is created and disseminated.

In a lot of cases, the news is not as much about the news but how the community reacts to it, how they perceive it and what’s the story behind.

Here is an example of such breaking news:

This means that even you could become a journalist or video discussion host. All it takes is keeping your senses sharp, being on top of the news/trending topics of your interest and sharing your videos on the same( at


‘ShortCast’ – Short Video Podcast

We believe Video as a medium could prove to be very useful in communicating short useful information or experiences.

In recent times, the podcast is increasingly becoming a medium of consumption for information and stories of peoples lives/experiences.

We are introducing this new terminology to differentiate the kind of videos that can be made on Leher. We call these videos ‘ShortCast’.

What is ShortCast?

ShortCast is a Short Selfie Video on a particular topic shorter than 3 minutes, built with multiple clips or a single clip.

Its a self contained video with topic/context provided along with an explanation of the same and when consumed provides the viewer with a complete understanding of the topic in question.

The objective of ShortCast is to share your feeling, knowledge or experience in a relatable, informative or entertaining way by being authentic and real about it on a selfie video.

You can download and post this ShortCast Video on any of your existing platforms or you can choose to share the link to the video which your viewers would be able to watch on

Do share your inputs on how we can make your ShortCasts wonderful & valuable for you.

So go ahead, download and try creating a ShortCast.


What is the purpose of sharing our thoughts & having discussions?

We have multiple reasons for sharing our thoughts, the most important thing is that we all have an inherent need to share. Sometimes:

  1. To bring upon an intellectual atmosphere where people debate and discuss their ideas leading to a greater spread of different ideas, views, and opinions
  2. It makes us more aware and forces us to acquire more knowledge and enlightenment to win the debate or discussion or argument.
  3. It will even help you to know the current scenarios and modern changes related to society, lifestyle, traditions, technology, politics and many more.
  4. It increases empathy for you and your decisions because people now understand your viewpoint
  5. Helps make new friends
  6. Inspires and helps people find solutions to their own problems.

Whatever be your reason to share, it being a base human need to belong, you cannot ignore the urge to connect with people.

Sharing your thoughts and having mindful discussions make you smarter, wiser, empathetical and up to date.

So go ahead and be yourself.


Happy Independence Day

Independence could mean many things to many people. Universally it has certain inherent elements:

  1. Right to Life
  2. Right to Equality
  3. Right to Freedom of Expression

Of the above, the right to freedom of expression has become the most complicated one in recent times. Since someone’s right could also be someone’s offense.

At Leher we are working hard to provide you an environment where this right could be exercised in a manner that people can listen to each other with more empathy and try to see an alternative perspective to their own and accept that multiple possibilities could exist in every subjective scenario.

Today we wish you a Happy Independence Day and reaffirm our dedication to Democratizing Discussions in every sphere of your life.


Why Leher should be your platform as an intellectual or a doer to share your views?

Leher is one of its kind platform where people are understood by the kind of their thoughts and opinions.
It is a great platform to reflect on your life’s experiences, share it for the greater good or ponder on some hard questions that you would have otherwise never thought about.

Leher provides you a community of people who are on similar journey and wavelength as yours.

Here are the reasons why its a platform for you to establish your identity:

  1. Video first platform: Provides authenticity & originality to your online personality
  2. Topic first approach: Ensures that you get your mind stimulated to provide the best of what you have to offer
  3. Structurally Troll free: Since comments on a Video don’t get enough limelight, trolling isn’t as rewarding as other social media platforms.
  4. People first Intersection: You could follow people under the various topics that you follow instead of following people only.
  5. Tool for creating videos of your thoughts: Leher provides you a toolset to create videos of your thoughts and share it on any social platform.
  6. Mindful content: Since its designed for conversations & discussions unlike mindless entertainment, its the only platform which is focussed on mindful content.

We hope that you would choose Leher as the platform of your choice to express, create, connect & discuss.