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First Triumph – A Leher user wins British High Commissioner of the day contest

We have believed in the power of sharing your thoughts.

Thoughts become things, things become your destiny.

We are absolutely delighted to have helped a high schooler win ‘British High Commissioner for a day’ contest.

Ayesha had to share here thoughts about Women & Equality to participate in the competition, here is what she had to say about Leher(Video):


Camera shy? Get started with sharing your thoughts on Video.

Dont be shy in sharing your thoughts and experiences on Video – is here

Listening is faster than reading, Viewing is faster than listening.

The most engaging and easy to create medium is Video. For long we have stayed away from using video for more than just entertainment.

Video is now becoming a mainstream medium for communication(Video Calls) and will soon become a mainstream method of sharing your thoughts quickly on topics of your choice.

Instead of writing a longish commentary or explaining using slides, you would like to present your thoughts crisply.

Our observation at Leher is that there aren’t enough tools easy enough to help you make an impressive thought video.

Tools that exist are either too complex and more technical or meant for creating entertainment videos.

At Leher we decided that we would provide you the easiest and most presentable way of creating your thought videos to share with the world.

Creating a video on Leher is a breeze.

  1. You choose or create a topic
  2. Press Record
  3. Done

In the background will do the following automatically for you:

  1. Create the first(topic intro slide) & last( Your social links to follow) a few seconds
  2. Clean the audio- automatic noise reduction
  3. Transitions at beginning & end – background music
  4. Compression
  5. Creating a link for your video to share or download the video file

We believe that you have valuable feelings, experiences & knowledge that you can share given the right tools and nudge. would unlock your latent potential if you are someone who thinks & does a lot of things.

Give it a spin and let us know what more you want.