Leher for Community

As the covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm, social media gained much more momentum as virtual platforms became the only way to stay connected while the world had to isolate itself. 

Social media has allowed people to express themselves, connect to like-minded people and helped people share a part of their life they are passionate about. 

At Leher, we understand the importance of connection and community and the impact of feeling like we don’t belong. 

Leher has a spectrum of Clubs that have various communities to help people connect with each other in real-time. 

The platform allows people to meet and interact with others via live Audio/Video – which makes it more engaging and personal.

Creator Program

The Creator Program is a stepping stone for creators who want to grow their community in the right way with the support of the Leher Team. 

Very often, many of us have great ideas for podcasts, talk shows, debates and Live-Streams – but get overwhelmed by what platform to pick. You have to think about editing software and how you will then engage with your audience and so on. Leher is your one-stop solution for all those problems! 

Leher allows you to have live interactive conversations in high audio and video quality which can be recorded as you stream live and then posted anywhere you like. 

The main aim of the program is to empower young content creators to have meaningful, interesting and engaging conversations surrounding all topics under the sun. 

You can now use this program to leverage Leher’s Community Manager’s to help you build and grow your community organically and strategically – all while you reap amazing benefits!

How you can grow and benefit:

  1. Earn monthly cash rewards: To support club creators, Leher guarantees cash rewards as part of the program. (Earn up to 1 lakh a month for doing what you enjoy!)
  1. Exclusivity & Discovery: We will feature your club in our recommendation section on the app and in the notifications sent out to users to allow you to have direct access to an interest-based audience without the need to fight algorithms.

    You will also get a verified badge to ensure maximum people discover and join your club on the app. 
  1. Unlock Special Features: As a creator, you will have access to features that are usually paid in all the other community management platforms like: 
  • HD quality recording (both audio and video rooms). 
  • Advanced analytics: Have access to advanced analytics for your club, your rooms, and all your members to understand your community, their behaviour and preferences. 
  • Monetization: You will get the ability to monetize your work through virtual gifts, tipping, donations, membership charges, and much more.
  • Engagement tools – Chat room, polls, Q&A, media sharing, and much more. You will have multiple tools at your disposal to keep your community engaged.
  1. Equity Grant[CSOP- Creator Stock Options Plan]: For the top club creators of Leher, we are doing what no one has done before.

    As you grow with Leher, get a chance to grab equity from an Exclusive pool of equity for creator equity worth Rs. 1,00,00,000. This will be accessible to an exclusive pool of loyal creators on the platform. We just don’t want you to earn money, we also want you to build wealth doing what you love.
  1. Support and Assistance: To help you reach get the most out of being a creator, the Leher team will:
  • Be available on priority support for all creators who are part of the program 
  • Share useful tools, resources and templates 
  • Host training sessions to help you understand how to best use the app 
  • Help you in your community-building efforts 

We recognise that various platforms make creators work hard and creators have to compete with their algorithms; Leher is on a mission to help creators create because it’s what they love doing vs creating in a rat race. 

Being connected in a network or a community is where we as social beings thrive. This program is designed to help empower creators and influencers who make our days and have conversations that stimulate engagement.

Check out the Creator Program if you haven’t already.