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Guide to Hosting Live Discussions

By June 11, 2020No Comments

Leher is the destination for hosting your own Live Video Discussions.

The biggest advantage of a discussion is the candidness and the satisfaction inherent to discussion as a format of sharing knowledge.

To start a discussion on Leher is a very easy task.

Firstly, Download the and create your user account.

Second, click on “+”[Start Live] button in the center of your screen to start a live discussion.

Fill in the details: Topic, Tags, Channel, Imagery/Links, importantly when do you want to do the discussion “Now/Later(Select Date & Time)”.

Invite Participants for your discussion: Share the participant link via Whatsapp, Linkedin, Twitter or any other medium.

Do not forget to sync your contact book for Leher to recommend you friends/contacts who share similar interest and could be great participants for this discussion.

At the time of discussion, “Join Discussion” & “Go LIVE”, voila!!

Go ahead, enjoy your first live discussion & do share your experience by tagging us on Insta & twitter as @leherapp