Happy Independence Day

By August 15, 2019June 17th, 2020No Comments

Independence could mean many things to many people. Universally it has certain inherent elements:

  1. Right to Life
  2. Right to Equality
  3. Right to Freedom of Expression

Of the above, the right to freedom of expression has become the most complicated one in recent times. Since someone’s right could also be someone’s offense.

At Leher we are working hard to provide you an environment where this right could be exercised in a manner that people can listen to each other with more empathy and try to see an alternative perspective to their own and accept that multiple possibilities could exist in every subjective scenario.

Today we wish you a Happy Independence Day and reaffirm our dedication to Democratizing Discussions in every sphere of your life.

Vikas Malpani

Vikas Malpani

Co-Founder & CEO