What do the greatest “celebrities” and “influencers of the world have in common?
Answer: They’re all Talk Show Hosts

The days of being camera shy and uncomfortable stage fear are over.
It is 2020 and workplaces have gone virtual. People are spending more time watching videos than meeting people IRL (in real life).

The paradigm shift in communication has already happened. You’re too late to the game if you haven’t been part of a “video discussion” in 2020.

Are you here to make an impact?

With videos becoming the default form of communication, it is essential for professionals and entrepreneurs to be “great” at it.
Here are few reasons why you should be doing Video Discussions

Discussions are the most natural way of connecting with people.
If you’re looking to recreate real-life discussions online, video is the way to go.

Video Discussion > Content Creation
You’ve worked so hard to build an audience online but the only form of engagement you have with them on your video content is ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.

It’s time to move over ‘likes’ and ‘comments” – A Video Discussion allows your audience to interact and “talk” to you LIVE.

Video Discussions are Live, Inclusive and Interactive

Most of the social media interaction today is ‘asynchronous’. People engage with your content at their own time and have 1000s of other ‘competing’ pieces of content in an infinite scrolling feed.

Leher helps you connect with people through interactive video discussions instead of “show-and-tell” content that dissipates in a few hours or days.

It’s better to have 100 engaged connections than 1000 likes on a video.
Build your personal brand around conversations, stop fighting the news feed.

(Read this twice👆)

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