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How to increase the audience in your discussions

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A host might feel discouraged if the number of viewers remain stagnant for a long. So here’s a small guide on what you must do to keep increase your audience.

‘Content is King’

It is the most important element of your discussion. You could be the best speaker a viewer ever comes across, but if your topic of discussion is not up to the mark, they might lose interest. You must make sure that the audience find value to your show, they must not feel that their time was wasted instead they must feel that they learnt something new or their perspective was broadened.


The best of discussions also need a catchy headline. Even in a newspaper, a headline is key to an article or a report because it generates interest. Your headlines must create curiosity among the viewers.

Build a base

Keep a close eye on those viewers who are present in most of your discussions. You must cater to their feedback and if possible, personally approach asking for feedback. These are little ways of creating your own trusted community. If they find you humble, they will help with the growth of your brand in whatever way they can, even if it means sharing your profile to their friends.

Promotion of your discussion

The topic and the headline are enough to create a hype for your discussion but sometimes, you may need to put in more effort. You must induce your social media to generate more traffic towards your discussion. The discussion must be accessible, if people find it difficult to reach your discussion, they are likely to drop the plan.

Choose the right guest

The right guest is important because the time of your users is your responsibility. If they fail to find value in your discussion, they will be disappointed and may not return for future discussions. You must be adamant on finding an expert for your topic.

We hope these tips help you increase your audience on Leher and other social media platforms.

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