What a Club means on Leher

A Club on the Leher app is much like a conventional club from in the physical world – a commonplace for people with similar interests to meet and socialize. 

At some point in school or college, you may have been a part of a drama club, music club or some sports club. 

On Leher a ‘Club’ functions in the same way – but virtually. In various clubs, based on your interests you will find like-minded people to connect to. 

Start your own club 

Step 1: Open the Leher app and Select the + icon at the bottom of the app and click on start a club.

Step 2: Upload a profile image for the club. 

Step 3: Decide your club name and description of the club. 

Step 4: Depending on what your club is about – choose a category.

 Step 5: Invite your friends via the invite link.

There you go, you have started a club with like-minded people the next step is to start hosting Rooms!