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Important Announcements – Redemptions, Republic Day Contest, New Coin Redemption Slabs, and more

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We are truly grateful for the love and the support our users and club owners have bestowed on us.

Here are some of the things we were able to achieve with your support:
1. We were able to serve over 11,00,000 people in the last month

2. The highest Single redemption was Rs.45,000 and Many people earned Rs.29,000

3. Over 300 people are now earning 1000’s of Rupees per month on Leher

3. More than 75,000 clubs are now on Leher.

4. 10000+ users had their first Redemption this month.

Redemptions & Fake Referral Users:

I want to tell you about an unfortunate incident which has happened in the last 1 week. [You can also watch the videos here to know more:,]

This has caused us a lot of pain and we are thoroughly disappointed by the users who chose to use such bad methods and broke our trust.

Here is what happened:

  1. In our last app update we added a few more OTP service providers to ensure our users & members dont face signup and login challenges. Our intent was to provide the best service to our users and not make them wait for the OTP smses. Unfortunately someone started using these new providers to generate OTPs for same numbers by adding special characters/extra characters at the end and create a script to add fake referrals.
  2. Fortunately on 22nd January our system’s Artificial Intelligence detected suspicious activity.
  3. Based on this ALL REDEMPTIONS from 22nd JANUARY have been stopped
  4. While we were investigating this some of our awesome community members and users started reporting this issue.
  5. We have done our preliminary analysis and below are the learnings and next steps.
    1. 6000+ users we have already identified who have done fake referrals [we are processing more]
    2. We have fixed to route they used, and also have informed the service provider to fix on their end.

In Light of the above incidence, we are doing the following:

  1. New Coin Redemption Slabs are introduced
    1. Nearly 1,00,000 users will now be eligible to redeem their first earning
  2. All redemptions on hold since 22nd January are being Canceled
  3. Post Cancellation, coins will be first reverted to users and then fake referral earnings will be deducted.
  4. Users who had done fake referrals are sent warnings, also their redemption rights are suspended for next 15 days
  5. Additionally some users who have used it extensively will be permanently barred from Leher
  6. Users can Re-Apply for Redemption as per new slabs post their coin reversals.

What are we doing for genuine Leher users & our club owners?

Unfortunately, there will be some of our beloved genuine well-wishing users who will also face challenges and issues.
I ask your forgiveness, we will do everything possible to isolate you from bad apples and fix the challenges.

I request your support, patience, and help for this as it will require some time for us to solve it completely

  1. We assure you all the support and will add bonus coins in genuine cases

2. We have made the AI more generous and hence you would be getting more coins for doing the same things as you have been doing[Hosting rooms, link sharing in clubs, encouraging club members to reshare the links and also earn..]

3. New lower slab enables more people to participate in earnings

4. More ways to earn, new scratch cards with higher coins, 2 more ways to earn coming next week 🙂

5. Contests to supplement the coin earnings:

  • REPUBLIC DAY REFERRAL CONTEST: Jan 26 – Feb 1. Top Referrer get an AMAZON Alexa Smart Speaker. Next 5 get Public Room Access[Or 2500 Coins]

We will continue this investigation and keep you posted.

Appreciate your love, support, and belief in us. We hope to come out stronger together.


Vikas & Leher Team.

Vikas Malpani

Vikas Malpani

Co-Founder & CEO