There are now several platforms where creators can voice their opinions, thoughts and share their talent. Leher is about meaningful conversations and creating an impact as a creator. 

Many of the social media platforms we use today are more ‘consumption oriented’ vs interactive. 

Users who are a part of an online community can leave comments, share the creators work and interact merely with action buttons (liking the post, sharing, saving and reposting).

This is where Leher is revolutionizing the way social media can (and we think) should be used – by having real-time interactive and meaningful conversations. 

Having a conversation with people in a community introduces a more personal connection and a better experience of having had a conversation where your views or opinions are heard and are not texted in a comment box. 

Having a conversation in real-time opens up opportunities to meet new people from different backgrounds, makes social media a better experience and also helps you find a sense of belongingness to a community. 

Challenges faced by creators

Creators in today’s digital world have to be on top of their game and have to try and be present on at least 3 platforms to draw in an audience for their content. However, most social media platforms require creators to build a vast portfolio of content, compete with their algorithms and don’t monetize their content directly. 

Creators have to work hard to keep several things like aesthetics, trends and hashtags in mind to try and build their profile to attract followers and brands for partnerships – making monetization a huge challenge in the early days of their creator journey.

Opportunities for creators  

At Leher we are closing this gap for all creators, for those who are starting out and for those who have some experience. 

Leher has several opportunities for creators where they can build their community via a club and start earning rewards the minute they start their journey. 

The Leher app has Leher coins and an exclusive creator program that helps creators monetize conversations and build wealth all while they do something they love. 

Earning on Leher

At Leher, we want to empower creators who are passionate about having conversations, building amazing communities and engaging with various Leher community members. 

Our team aims to close the gap between how hard creators have to work to build their digital presence and create wealth from their passion.

Introducing Leher coins 

Leher coins are a virtual currency that you can earn on the Leher app. This virtual currency was launched to help empower and reward the creators who are passionate about becoming leaders of various communities. 

Who is a creator?

A creator is an active Leher user who is an admin/owner of at least one club with active club members. 

How to get started with earning Leher coins

Leher coins are simply earned by creating a club, inviting people to join your club and engaging your club members via live rooms. 

To reap the best value as a creator and stay engaged with your community, we would recommend hosting at least 2 rooms in a week. 

It’s important to note that a club may have multiple admins, but only the primary club admin (creator of the club) will be entitled to the coins and only they can redeem the coins. 

The more engagements you have, the more opportunities you have to earn coins! 

How you can redeem your Leher coins 

To redeem your coins you have to ensure you have a minimum of 5000 Leher coins. The next step is to ensure you use your own bank details as the account you want the rewards to be credited. 

As the primary club admin, you will have to apply for a redemption request. Once the redemption request is raised, it will be reviewed and then the coins will be converted and credited to your bank account. 

The Grow with Leher Creator program

The Grow with Leher is a program designed to create new opportunities for creators to earn as they create in a friendly competition format.


As a Creator in the Creator Program, you will have different milestones you can unlock to earn cash rewards, unlock new features and brand partnerships at each new milestone. 

The milestones are made available to and shared only with Creators who are part of the Creator program. 

(sign-up and unlock your first milestone to earn your first INR 1000 cash reward!) 

The Wildcard Milestone for Creators 

The ‘wildcard milestone’ is a fun gamified giveaway competition for Creators in the Creator Program. 

The ‘Wildcard’ has been designed to empower creators further by helping them win gadgets that will make their creative journey more fun and fruitful! 

Anyone participating in the competition will be eligible to earn through the different levels in the competition. The top 2 winners are eligible to win an iPad Mini or Google Pixel phone! 

As part of the creator program, as you earn at each milestone as a creator – you can also keep earning Leher coins and redeem those along your journey as well. 

Leher’s vision and mission are to empower creators who are passionate about hosting conversations and building great communities to create a lasting meaningful impact. 

Get started now to start earning your cash rewards!