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Making a Club Public

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Clubs by default are private spaces for communities to come together, have conversation and commerce. 

Some significant clubs/communities would benefit the users of Leher and could also benefit from the discovery to new users. 

Leher provides a way to search clubs which are marked public. 

Benefits of Public Club

  1. Publicly searchable under the choice of interest
  2. Discovery by popularity under the search tab
  3. Ability to drive more members based on interest
  4. Potential members could come and search the club on Leher and directly join without invite too
  5. Public clubs also have higher chance of getting public room access for the club moderators

How do we make a club public:

  1. Clubs can apply to be public based on some of the following criteria
    1. Uniqueness of Club Purpose – If they fall in some categories where Leher has no public clubs or less number of active clubs
    2. Uniqueness of the rooms being hosted – What kind of rooms are hosted in the club
    3. Number of members – More than 100 members with at least 10% active
    4. Engagement/Activeness of the club – Regular Content sharing, link opens, rooms being hosted
    5. If you are a significantly large community on any other social platform migrating to Leher [ Telegram, Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp etc]
    6. If you have verified mark for the club owners on other platforms

Difference between a Public Club and Public Room access?
Public club is making the listing of the club publicly searchable and accessable to anyone on Leher

Public room is the ability provided to Club moderator to host a room as publicly available room in “Home Feed” of Leher app

If you have public club, your chance to get a public room access improves but its not necessary that you will get public room access along with public club. 

Vikas Malpani

Vikas Malpani

Co-Founder & CEO