We recently had Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on Leher, director of the movie Martyrs Of Marriage, and a prominent voice when it comes to men’s rights.

The discussion started with the most anticipated question about whether #MenToo was delegitimizing or trivializing #MeToo.

Deepika brushed off those assertions saying that we live in a world where hashtags are used to amplify a cause. This is what led to #MenToo so that men who’ve suffered due to misandry can have their voices heard. Terms like #BlackLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter, #MenToo, #MeToo are coined to consolidate everyone’s individual fights and make it into an collaborative effort.

The discussion ranged from people not being serious about men’s issues, sexual abuse amongst men, societal expectations from men, and the general assertion that men cannot be weak.

Watch the full discussion here: https://leher.app/MENTOO-the-most-unspoken-issue-liveDiscussionRsIQNIp32