The world of poetry is enchanting. The way the words form a wave that takes you through a roller coaster of emotions.

The art-form of poetry can soothe an aching heart or also raise some strong, powerful voices that can stir up society and cause a dent in the world.

With the pandemic disrupting our fast-paced lives, a lot of people have picked up their pens, dusted off their diaries, and with a cup of tea, are trying to catch up with themselves. Virtual poetry sessions have become a space for the outlet and exchange of beautiful creations, meeting new poets who are following the same trajectory, trying to find their voice, trying to find solace within those words, those verses.

Leher has hosted quite a few such poetry sessions of late. They’ve become a routine accompaniment of the evening chai for quite a few of our regular viewers.

The Poetry Mehfils, now a seasoned feature on Leher, has captured a loyal audience and is always trending on Leher. A must watch-especially not just for literature enthusiasts but anyone who wants to listen to some fresh thoughts in the form of verses. The mehfil gives you an insight into how the young Indian mind thinks.

Every mehfil has a range of poems about life, heartbreak, moral dilemmas, society, love, etc. The host of Poetry Mehfils, Ankush, is a seasoned poet and keeps plugging in his creations between performances that are both profound and thought-provoking. Sometimes someone from the audience invokes their inner poet and delivers an impromptu performance.

If you are someone who loves basking in the sunshine of verses, download Leher App, grab a cup of tea and enjoy perhaps the best online mushaira currently happening in the country.