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Public Room Access:

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The ability to start a room or schedule a room and make it publicly available to everyone on Leher platform as per their chosen interests is the functionality provided by Public Room Access.

This right is provided to a very select group of club owners/moderators on the platform by invitation only. 

Hosting a public room is a massive responsibility, It’s a duty more than a right and to avoid misuse it is provided to less than 1% of Club Moderators on Leher platform. 

What can you do when you have public room access:

  1. Start or Schedule a room as public room and let anyone on the platform join or show interest
  2. Convert/Open a private club only room to public any time while the room is live. 
  3. Record the public rooms

Who can get public room access and what are the criteria’s we use for the same:
Since this is a huge responsibility we take good care in providing the same. 

As of today, the following people get the right to do public rooms: First 1000 club owners on Leher and members invited to do the public rooms.

Who can Apply for Public Room? 

 Club owners with some of the following criteria may apply

  1. Club of over 500 members
  2. At least 2 private live rooms per week being hosted currently
  3. Uniqueness of the club activity/purpose
  4. High Engagement of club members in the private rooms ~ 5% of Club members attend live rooms regularly
  5. Clubs with regular content and link sharing and open rates over 10% 
  6. Youtubers/Telegram Channel owners with 10000+ Subscribers on their channels 
  7. Uniqueness of the content/conversation
  8. Recommendation by 5-10 club owners/Youtube/Telegram Channel owners with Significant followers 
  9. If you have verified handles on other social media platforms
  10. Not for profits looking to create awareness with regular conversations
  11. Spiritual & Entertainment Communities with Significant memberships on any social platforms
  12. More than 10000 Coins earned for hosting rooms
  13. More than 50000 Coins earned for referrals by moderators and Club members

What is the process?

  1. Now when applying for public club in the app you will receive a form to fill, please fill all fields
  2. More people who talk about your club on social media or make videos about your club and post on YouTube can add to the credibility of the application
  3. Every week the team meets and goes through the applications and AI system then starts monitoring your rooms and private catchups/club messages
  4. After a couple of week of observation, based on AI recommendation, your application details we will enable few members to have public room access
  5. You can reapply again in a month in case you haven’t received the access but your club has significant activity

Is public access permanent?

  1. In most cases as long as you host 2 rooms minimum a week with regular interactions with your club members via messages etc, you will have uninterrupted access
  2. You have to follow your duty of sticking to the code of conduct and terms of Leher. Hosts with multiple “Report Abuse” will be removed from the access list
  3. Mutual Respect and decorum of the platform including the language you use and the first experience your provide to new listeners in your room are important factors in continued access

Is there any other alternative way to host a public room?

  1. Collaboration with club owners with public access is a quick way to prove the quality of conversations and drive membership to your club 
  2. We are exploring a paid room option for limited responsible trial of public access
Vikas Malpani

Vikas Malpani

Co-Founder & CEO