New Year 2020!

2019 witnessed significant change and growth for Leher and it was all possible because of YOU!

Leher began with a simple idea of bringing people together to connect, educate and inspire! With creators publishing content on diverse and ground-breaking topics, we became the space for people to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

At Leher, 2019 saw the coming together of various new aspects. Starting the year with the Leher Dark Mode, we transitioned into upgrading our features such as direct messaging, video reactions, video replies, Ask Me Anything etc.

To make the last few days of 2019 even more special, we created a special collection “Best of Leher 2019” just for you.

We hope this new year allows you to take the risks you couldn’t take in 2019!
And to gain some more perspective and learning, you can always count on Leher.

Happy New Year 🙂