There is no calm in this chaos

2020 did start with a bang. A bang of pellets and bullets, missiles and fire.
In light of recent events, most of which are political, I will not deny that the world, and not just the country feels a little too chaotic. More and more effort to manage the confusion is only leading to further disorder. The innumerable lives that have been lost in the country and worldwide are sickening.

The CAA/NRC news uprooted the entire nation. The public believed CAA shed light on our government’s trajectory and ulterior motives. As people were trying to come to terms with this news, attacks in the JNU campus became more ugly, hurting and destroying more in the process.
On another end of the world, half a billion animals have fallen prey to the merciless fire that broke out in Australia last September.
But the icing on the cake has definitely been the enmity that has broken out between Iran and the USA as they enter into an unprecedented war zone.
All this might lead us to think if our leaders were always working towards selfish, singular agendas. After all, we don’t know what goes on behind the four walls of their ruling office spaces. Do we even wish to know if this is the outcome we see? Do you feel helpless about living in a country which goes against its own ideologies, its own people, its very own constitution?

The first week of 2020 has seen topics related to such heartrending news in abundance, with people trying to understand what others think and feel about the situation. Questions have come flooding in, doubting the government and authenticity of everyone on the news, which have been met with equal if not more, amount of retaliation. 2020 did start with a bang. A bang of pellets and bullets, missiles and fire. Only hope lives on each person’s heart, a hope for a better and peaceful future where man does not turn against man to lead to mass destruction.