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Verified User & Clubs on Leher

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Leher aims to be a platform for genuine people to have conversations, build communities and earn.
In this endeavor, we believe having a perfect and true profile reflects on the quality of the person and the platform. 

We also understand that some people and communities have significant trust they have earned as a brand and need a special way to demonstrate on the platform their own genuineness. 

So we will shortly introduce Verified clubs & Verified Profiles on Leher. 

What does verification provide?

  • It provides a blue tick mark against the club name or username
  • It provides a way to showcase your profile/club as priority
  • It provides a method to prove genuineness of the profile/person or club/community
  • No two people/communities will have verified credentials for the same person/community
  • It provides trust to your followers & club members that they are in right place
  • Eventually it would also provide better earning potential for the clubs and verified members
  • Verified members/clubs will also be in the inner circle of Leher users for providing feedback, access to exclusive features and first previews of new upcoming features. 

How does one get a verified profile?

  • If you have a verified handle for yourself or your community on – Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook
  • If you have a legal document about the organisation for which you are running the community and have a significant number of members in that Leher Club 

We will expand this program as we go forward with the learnings collected from early members. More rights and benefits would be added to users having verified profiles. 

Vikas Malpani

Vikas Malpani

Co-Founder & CEO