Why Leher should be your platform as an intellectual or a doer to share your views?

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Leher is one of its kind platform where people are understood by the kind of their thoughts and opinions.
It is a great platform to reflect on your life’s experiences, share it for the greater good or ponder on some hard questions that you would have otherwise never thought about.

Leher provides you a community of people who are on similar journey and wavelength as yours.

Here are the reasons why its a platform for you to establish your identity:

  1. Video first platform: Provides authenticity & originality to your online personality
  2. Topic first approach: Ensures that you get your mind stimulated to provide the best of what you have to offer
  3. Structurally Troll free: Since comments on a Video don’t get enough limelight, trolling isn’t as rewarding as other social media platforms.
  4. People first Intersection: You could follow people under the various topics that you follow instead of following people only.
  5. Tool for creating videos of your thoughts: Leher provides you a toolset to create videos of your thoughts and share it on any social platform.
  6. Mindful content: Since its designed for conversations & discussions unlike mindless entertainment, its the only platform which is focussed on mindful content.

We hope that you would choose Leher as the platform of your choice to express, create, connect & discuss.


Vikas Malpani

Vikas Malpani

Co-Founder & CEO