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Why should you have your own Leher Club?

By January 29, 2021No Comments

Clubs are the latest addition to the various features of the app, and it offers a great platform to socialise in a unique way with your friends or people with similar interests. Leher is specially designed for mobile phones and it offers a unique experience to a user. Let’s look at few reasons why you should have your own Leher Club-

1.     You get to choose your niche – As the usual Leher discussion goes, the topics are decided by the host and then they contact their guests. At a Leher club, you have the liberty to choose your own topic. Either you find a club that resonates with your interest or you could request to make your own club.

2.     Discuss with people you are comfortable with– If you are the creator of the club, you have the liberty to decide whoever you wish to include. We have added a new feature through which you can remove people from the club. Maintaining respectful behaviour within the community is our responsibility and we trust the club owners with the power of removing people if they do not comply with the rules of the club.  

3.     Unlimited discussions – Unlike some applications which charge after a certain amount of minutes of the video-conversation, Leher has no such restrictions and you can conduct discussions on your club for as long as you want.

4.   Makes you a multitasker: We understand, you might recieve texts and emails while conversing on the Clubs. Dont worry because it works in the background too and you can still listen to the conversations while  responding to that important email

5.      Quick response to feedback– Our team works round the clock to ensure that your queries and problems are being looked at. You can send us your queries through the ‘feedback’ feature within the app.

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