Trolls, am I right? (insert a tired, sick emoji). Most of us active on any social media platform has been there. Degenerates that are mean on purpose, triggering the vulnerabilities and insecurities of people who are trying to do what they love. As if it is food for their soul. As messed up as it sounds, there is no other possible explanation for that.

Most of the time, they break that wall and get to you, adversely affecting your mental health.

Internet: Boon or a Bane?. It’s no longer a topic of debate writing in exams. We need to reanalyze its powers. By enabling masses to interact with one another, it has brought the worse out of some people. And while we hear stories of social media saving lives, it has taken a few too. Those cases make you shudder, make you wonder about the destructive whims of humankind. And brings to mind an important question, is it about time we had virtual safe-spaces for people to express themselves?

We, at Leher, are trying to do that. By giving hosts arbitrary powers while hosting and moderating a discussion, we’re making sure that trolls don’t create a roadblock for free speech on our platform. Our internal moderation team looks out for bullish and toxic behavior and keeps filtering the content as well as the users.

Leher aims at being the platform where the new Atmanirbhar India expresses itself without any fear of judgment or abuse. Leher is the platform where the free-flowing ideas of Young India are laid bare and heard. Leher is the platform where people from all walks of life feel safe to share their stories. Leher is your very own virtual safe space.