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Your Substack Publication needs a Leher Club

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Substack is a very easy way to start a newsletter (publication) for writers and community creators.

Substack’s success has shown the value independent creators can create by owning their audience and building a direct relationship through paid subscriptions.

We recently introduced Leher Clubs to empower individuals and communities with a safe and private space for live audio/video discussions.

Leher Clubs – Discussions and Members

Here’s why you should start a Leher Club for your Substack audience

Your audience needs more interaction than an email reply or a ❤️ reaction.

You work really hard to grow your audience and write for them. On Substack, all they can do is

Leher Clubs will enable a conversation space like no other.
Invite your subscribers to join your newsletter’s exclusive Club and give them a space to discuss your articles or the current events.

Supercharge your Podcast

Leher Live Discussions can help you bring guests and record your audio/video podcast directly on the app while allowing members/followers to watch and participate in the discussion, LIVE.

Bring Guests for Live Audio/Video Discussions in Clubs

Imagine turning your written interviews into a live discussion with Q&A and Polls. Yes, Leher has it all.

A second home for your audience

Email subscribers are hard-earned and low open rates can hamper your reach. Email is still a heavily spammed and bombarded medium and your email can be missed among the hundreds of email people receive every day.

Having your users in a Leher Club gives you the power equivalent to having your own mobile app. You can start a conversation that your readers can listen to or participate in on the go, on their smartphones.

Have you seen how Stratechery has a forum where readers can discuss the articles Ben Thompson publishes?

Imagine having a space that’s not limited to text. Get your audience to interact with you and other members.

Club Members > Email Subscribers

Email audiences are dependent on hopes of landing in the user’s inbox at the right time and in the right inbox category. Give your most active readers a space where they can have conversations and discuss.

A premium add-on

You could also offer your exclusive Leher Club as a premium add-on to your subscribers. If your Substack is free, you could consider allowing Club membership for premium subscribers only.

Getting Started with Clubs [FREE]

Leher Clubs are currently invite only but having a Substack publication can accelerate your invite. Fill form below and we will reach out to you asap and get you started.

Reiterating the features of Leher Clubs –

  • Live Audio/Video Discussions (Think Podcasting, Networking, AMA)
  • Membership Access – Control who gets access to your Club
  • Full Ownership – You own the club and your audience.
  • Member Conversations – Allow your members to start a conversation within the Club.
  • Learn more about Clubs here

Siddharth Jaiswal

Siddharth Jaiswal

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